We receive many testimonials from real people just like you who have chosen to finally achieve their weight goals.

Here are just two representative testimonials from recent clients. We pledge and guarantee that these are 100% genuine testimonials from real people who have used FreshStart.

Name: Ron
Location: San Francisco, USA

After 8 months sitting at a weight plateau, despite my diet and exercise attempts to lose weight, I started your online hypnotic weight loss program.

Everything I've experienced perfectly matches (or exceeds) all the experiences described on the site.

I lost 6 pounds in the 6 days since I started your program -- exceeding by 4 times the goals/milestones I set for myself of 5 pounds per month.

Weighing myself daily, I saw it coming off like clockwork at one pound each day.

No will power, no cravings, no guilt tripping myself. No burdens of any kind. Instead, constant fun as I visualize my goals and enjoy everything I'm doing around food and exercise.

Not that I'm paying that much attention to is; it's like my mind/body are on automatic, in a new groove. I even have the experience of having far less hunger, while having more enjoyment of each bite, and each step on the stair climber machine.

It is the attitude transformation you predicted.

It's put me into complete confidence that I can lose as much weight as I want, to reach my weight goal -- which is only 12 pounds away. I may reset my goal to gradually lose another 10 pounds beyond that, to get to the weight I was at in my 20s. Hey, I'm single; why not turn women's heads more?

I've experienced how well FreshStart works. I want the whole world to have it.

Name: Emily
Location: New York, USA

I have substantially changed my diet in the last few months and it’s been a very straightforward thing to do. I find that I’m naturally avoiding chocolate and instead automatically choosing healthier options.

It’s like you flipped a switch in my mind – and now I’m no longer tempted by the things that I used to crave.

I’m seeing a difference in my increased desire to exercise too and not only have I already lost a few pounds, I have really noticed that my body is becoming trimmer and slimmer. Its definitely working. I’d recommend this program to anyone. Its easy, sensible and it really works!

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