About FreshStart™. The Online Weight Loss Solution

FreshStart™ consists of the following.

4 Short Online Booklets
4 Downloadable Audio Tracks

…to be read and listened to (ideally) at one week intervals, and repeated as required.

Each week you are encouraged to read one of the short 20 minute booklets and then listen to the relaxing 20-25 minute hypnotic audio track that accompanies it.

You do not need to listen to the audio immediately after reading the booklet.

Each week’s therapy tackles a different aspect of weight reduction. Each booklet and audio track has been carefully designed and optimized to ensure that you receive the correct benefit for you at the correct time.

At no point do we suggest which foods you should eat, or which exercise plan you should follow.

We are not Doctors or Dieticians or Personal Trainers.

You probably do not need help deciding which foods you should eat, or what exercise to take. FreshStart™ will work with any reasonable diet – whether you prefer a common sense approach or branded diets like “Weight Watchers” or “South Beach” approach. Your problem is not “tell me what I should do?” but rather “help me stick to it”.

Its time to banish negative thoughts like “I can’t do it” or “This won’t work for me” or “I’m just destined to be overweight forever”. FreshStart™ and similar methods have worked for hundreds of normal people just like you.

But you need to take the next step. It's your choice.

FreshStart™ will be your partner on your journey to your weight goals. FreshStart™ gets you mentally prepared for the journey and accompanies you every step of the way. And it’s fully guaranteed to be an effective part of your weight loss plan…or you get your money back.

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