About FreshStart™. The Online Weight Loss Solution

FreshStart uses well established and highly effective natural techniques to help you to achieve your weight goals. The method is completely safe and completely effective.

Most sensible people understand that a combination of a healthy balanced diet and moderate exercise will result in an improvement in health and weight loss. However our studies have suggested that more than 90% of people have trouble sticking to a diet and more than 76% of people find it difficult to motivate themselves to exercise - leaving many feeling negative, hopeless, depressed and unhappy with themselves.

You’re not alone.

This is where FreshStart is your perfect companion.

FreshStart is a 4 week program of short, motivational online booklets paired with a suite of gentle, relaxing audio hypnosis sessions carefully designed, created and tested to keep you focused on healthier eating and a more active lifestyle.

We all know people who seem to be able to decline unhealthy foods at will, or know when to stop eating, or can regularly exercise without having to “psych” themselves up to do so.

What’s the difference between them and you?

The difference is their subconscious mindset. Their subconscious is automatically helping them make the right choices. Their conscious and subconscious minds are in agreement.

When their conscious mind says “Let’s eat healthily”

…their subconscious agrees “Delicious!”.

When their conscious mind says “I’m full”

…their subconscious agrees - “It would feel good to stop!”.

When their conscious mind says “Let’s exercise”

…their subconscious agrees “I’d enjoy that!”.

Perhaps you know what I mean? If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I should choose the salad” but instead chosen a less healthy option…or said “I don’t really need to finish all this food” but do anyway or thought “I should exercise” but instead turned on the TV…

….then FreshStart is your perfect and powerful partner.

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